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Movies About Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Addiction Treatment

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Throughout the film, watch Don transform into a raging addict, revealing the desperation and seediness of an alcoholic’s existence. Moreover, alcoholism leads to darkness, despair, and destruction. The alcoholic, here, is portrayed accurately as someone who is seemingly unable to pull himself together. However, Don manages to postpone the trip and evade it all together to instead get drunk in a bar.

Trainspotting is a film based on a novel by the same name written by Irvine Welsh. The film is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK and follows a group of heroin addicts. After Hughes witnesses his friend’s death by overdose, he decides to get clean.

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It is important to note that while the movie focuses on serious disease, alcoholism, there are also funny moments. These moments help to make the movie feel a bit lighter and easier to watch. In everyone’s life, there are going to be some fun and good times. These times happen even when the person has a challenging overall lifestyle.

  • The rehab admission process can begin with a simple phone call to Summit Malibu, where our addiction treatment specialists are always available for confidential consultation.
  • Kirsten also finds refuge in alcohol and nearly burns the house down as a result.
  • Smashed looks at another woman’s struggle with addiction and recovery.
  • In the evening Henry would go to local bars and often get in trouble, hence the name, Barfly.
  • A Man Loves a Woman is a  film released in 1994 that stars Meg Ryan in the lead role of an alcoholic mother, Alice Green.
  • They were then given a choice between receiving a gift card for a coffee shop or a bar as compensation for their participation in the study.

He recalls his tryst with prescription medications, methadone, heroin, and cocaine amidst the twists and turns in his personal life, even as his professional life was moving upwards. The flashbacks end with Jerry making his way back to Los Angeles to try and get his writing career back on track. He once again bumps into Kitty, and they give themselves up to a final session of sex before parting ways. In the 2016 film, Flight, Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington plays the character of Whip Whittaker, an airline pilot with a serious addiction to alcohol and drugs. While flying under the influence of alcohol and other substances, Whittaker is able to safely crash-land a commercial airliner with fewer than expected casualties.

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At a bar he befriends a woman, Laura Fraser¸ played by Charlotte Rampling who betrays him. The film ends with Frank Galvin drinking coffee while Laura Fraser is alone drunk. Our treatment programs allow people to overcome their addictive lifestyles and turn things around. Portraying any kind of addiction sober house or mental health issue in the movies is a delicate situation that should always be approached thoughtfully. Here are 20 of the best movies that strive to portray the raw realities of alcohol addiction. Summit Malibu is the longest running boutique addiction treatment center in Malibu, California.

How to sober up in 10 mins?

  1. Drink Coffee. Drinking a strong black coffee is sometimes suggested by helpful friends as a means of 'sobering up'.
  2. Take a cold shower. Standing under some cold water will shock your body into sobering up.
  3. Eat.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Exercise.

A Man Loves a Woman is a  film released in 1994 that stars Meg Ryan in the lead role of an alcoholic mother, Alice Green. Alice seems to have a perfect life, but the audience sees it shattered by her dependence on alcohol. Flight, the 2012 film starring Denzel Washington, is the story of William “Whip” Whitaker Sr., an alcoholic pilot who manages to save most of the lives of passengers aboard a plane that crashes. Salesman Nick Halsey, fresh from a job loss fueled by his drinking, finds his wife has left, too. Penniless and on the verge of eviction from his home, Nick gets a breather from Detective Frank Garcia, who allows him to stay for three days.

Inspired to take action by these movies about alcoholism?

Reach out to a treatment provider for free today for immediate assistance. Our team of addiction medicine experts are compassionate and committed to making addiction treatment accessible, understandable, and affordable. Initially, Whip is still addicted to drugs and lies about events, but he ultimately confesses to his crime and uses his time in prison to get clean. This movie shows how the title character can overcome her addictive behavior and depicts the negative fallout of intravenous drug use as she finds herself contracting AIDS. You may find it useful to seek guidance when reviewing this list or watching the films discussed below.

The movie ends with Jerry talking on television shows about the problems that drug addiction caused to his life. A Philadelphia native, Gia arrives in New York City, all starry-eyed and brimming with ambition as a fashion model. With the help of a happening agent, Wilhelmina Cooper, Gia soon rises to the top of the modeling industry. But a brooding sense of loneliness, amplified after Cooper’s death, drives Gia towards experimenting with cocaine and heroin to alleviate her depression.

The following are five films that detail how an alcoholic‘s behavior affects themselves as everyone they love. I’m looking for films dealing with this addiction as frankly and confronting as possible, they can end depressingly, or even with hope, just anything to remind myself why I’m staying sober. Many important books and films were produced as a reflection of real life as it touched the creators of the works. Nick is broke and has to go without alcohol which leaves him experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms.

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